Client Background:

Edelweiss is a leading financial conglomerate providing a broad range of financial products across domestic and global geographies. It had a turnover of USD 582M in FY 2015.

Problem Statement

Edelweiss had a rapidly increasing customer base generating large transaction volumes across its myriad business units. Edelweiss needed efficient systems to transact, analyse and report on the data generated to effectively target their products and services. To this end they had deployed several multi core servers with MSSQL as the database engine. However, the organisation was facing bottlenecks in transaction processing and reporting and was faced with significant investments in licenses and hardware to meet current and future business needs.

Solution Proposed

Merce proposed split of transaction processing and reporting systems. The reporting systems were migrated to PostGreSQL database engine with associated changes in reporting algorithms.

Value Delivered

Significant reduction in report processing times of between 30 – 40%. No AMC and license cost for the Community Maintained PostGreSQL engine. No new hardware to meet estimated data volumes for next 5 years.