Fireguard City

Fireguard City is your Companion to Fight Fire and Save your City

A Highly Populous Country is Always at Risk of
Major Fire Hazards

India is the second most populous country in the world and with it comes its own set of risk be it accidents, man made hazards, floods, fire accidents etc. This has made people continuously live on the edge. Accidents caused due to fire have been one of the major concerns.

With real estate and buildings mushrooming everywhere, thousands and lakhs of complexes are under the jurisdiction of the fire department that has to be managed

Huge load of work, sleepless nights and thankless job makes the fire department a less lucrative career option and therefore very few able people join the department

The media tends to highlight or blow out of proportion when there are oversights by the fire department or if there are any slip-ups. Due to this there is a bad reputation created lowering the morale of the department

There is limited budget and therefore no major thrust given to the development of the department

The Country Needs
A Preventive Solution


Fireguard is Built to Ease the Process Of Compliance

FireGuard City will ensure that every premise under your jurisdiction needs to be listed and will have to comply with all the fire safety norms specified by the fire safety department. This will ease the process of compliance- reduce paperwork, number of people involved and time cycle for each certification. This will clear and give instant access to any documentation, making audits easy and ensuring transparency in the system.
Most important – a revenue model can be created using this software which will benefit both the fire department as well the premise owners.

Here’s What Makes Our Solution So Unique

An Integrated App

Integrates with standard forms as mandated by the fire and other safety departments

Clear Audit Trials

Clear audit trail of the inspection activities

Highlight Gaps

Joint sign-offs with owner and inspectors to both highlight gaps and when the gaps are filled

Instant Access

Instant access for all field personnel to every quality process documents, regulatory forms codes, standards, and ordinances in the jurisdiction

Click Live Photographs

Ability to take live photographs and annotate them to highlight problem areas

Works Offline

App can work offline, especially useful in areas of construction where there is no internet or data connectivity

Sets Deadlines & Email Alerts

Ability to set deadlines and get email alerts to ensure on-time delivery

Creates Custom Checklists

Creates a custom checklist of all actions required to get the required certificates including missing or expired equipment (like fire extinguishers), incorrect installations (overloaded circuits), etc.