Product Building

We have more two decades of experience in building products

Every business will become a software business. Digital products development poses new challenges. It requires technical expertise, collaboration, and agile development to build the products. We are a team of highly creative and technical people. We differentiate ourselves by our expertise in cutting-edge technologies and our robust and mature software development processes.

Keurix, Netherlands

  • Startup with 5 people. Inspection automation app
  • Partnership with Keurix from concept to market operation
  • Tab based display of 20 GB large blueprints
  • Path breaking use of tabs in offline mode for site inspection
  • Phonegap, Laravel, MySQL, AWS

Sweet, Dubai & Singapore

  • App to avail offers and get paid
  • Integration with Paypal
  • Collaboration between the development team in India, the designers in California and the business team in Singapore and Dubai
  • Ionic, Laravel, Google Cloud APIs

Our Products

IoT for FMCG, India

Beaglebone based IoT device for realtime data collection/analytics from store POSes
Designed for massive scale
Azure, Django, Python, Spring Boot

Kvadrato, India

Realtime, offline-first, mobile based group communication platform
Ionic, Angular, CouchDB, PouchDB, Express

3Sixty, Singapore

Realtime market survey service for Singapore based firm InsighAsia
Native Android and iOS apps
White-label, customisable UI for surveys
Java, Objective-C for native development, LAMP stack

Hoofmark, APAC

Incubator for an enterprise chatbot platform using machine learning and NLP including Google Dialogflow
Express, Node, Angular, PostgreSQL, Azure APIs, Google Cloud APIs

Servaya, APAC

Integrated IS infrastructure solution
Core networking services required by a mid- to large corporate enterprise or an academic campus
Hundreds of servers managed using web based console
Linux, C, Shell scripting, Perl, Java
Sendmail, Squid, Samba, SNMP, LDAP

Broadside, APAC

Mass messaging system. Send hundreds of thousands of automatically generated emails
Tracking and reports
SMTP and HTTP APIs, callbacks
Linux, Sendmail, Shell scripting, Perl, Java, C

Broadside A Complete Solution to Handle Bulk Mailing Needs

Transactional and promotional emails

Batch mode and online mode transmission

Application based queues

Special queues to handle priority mails

Analytics and reporting on the mails transmitted through Broadside


A mass mailing software, designed for sending millions of mails by parallel processing

High throughput


Multi-level security

Audit logs


Analytical Support