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Current Openings

  • Three to six years of Java and database experience.
  • Excellence and depth in Java, not just exposure.
  • Clear understanding of how Web applications and Web technology work. “Living inside Eclipse” as junior programmers do is simply not enough here.
  • Experience with new frameworks, toolkits, e.g.noSQL databases, message based communication frameworks, etc.
  • Conceptual clarity: multi-threaded code, re-entrant code, JVM internals, Struts 2 interceptors and their inter-play, aspect-oriented programming, JVM garbage collection, cookies, Web security, advanced SQL, etc.
  • A friendly personality which strengthens teams

Selection will be through a mandatory Java programming test followed by multiple rounds of interviews.

Your growth path out of this role will be either a shift into the MTS (Member of Technical Staff) role of our Product Division, or into a role of Technical Specialist. If you have ambitions of team management, we may be able to offer opportunities to transition to a Project Manager role too.



This position is competence based more than seniority based. Therefore, mere years will not bring you here.
In this role, an entire small team will depend on you for technical problem-solving. Your work will involve writing and testing your own code as well as debugging code and guiding the work of your team members. You will also collaborate with your PM to assess and review technical impact of new tasks or existing challenges. You will be involved in solution architecture and design phases.


Email your CV at , specifying the position you are looking for.