Rohit Nayak, Technology Advisor

Rohit Nayak has a BTech and MTech degrees from IIT Bombay and Chennai respectively, and has been working with system software and IT for three decades. He has worked with startups, with the R&D division of Tata Consultancy Services, and with product companies in India and abroad at programming, architecture and CTO level roles. His recent interests include machine learning and AI.

Shraddha Thanawala, CEO

Shraddha is a tech convert. She’s travelled from accounts to finance to business development, all along gathering tons of wisdom on how businesses operate. She migrated to tech about 10 years back with Merce, where she played a key role in complete P&L responsibilities for the business. Her impressive track record includes successful management of key partnerships and steering large and complex e-governance projects. When not at her desk you can find Shraddha buried deep into her books, having recently completed a Stanford program. Today, Shraddha is the pillar of Merce and plays the role of the Managing Director with ease.

Shuvam Misra, Chairman

Shuvam is founder and chief mentor at Merce. He holds a double degree from the hallowed IIT, Mumbai and still carries this clout wherever he goes. His academic background and natural proclivity to deep dive into all things tech make his role at Merce akin to a strict teacher- shaping the thinking of the future generations and ensuring they all follow his footsteps. Shuvam has worked on porting the Unix kernel to UMA and NUMA multiprocessor hardware, headed the technical team which built IndiaWorld, India’s first Web portal, and the technical teams which built many path-breaking solutions for India’ stock exchanges, banks, and broking houses. When not at office, you can find him passing on his gyaan to many a startup who look up to him for his grey hair and his pearls of wisdom.