Avaya Technology Outsourcing (IVR)

Avaya is one of the largest service and equipment providers to Telcos in India. Avaya provided the complete backbone to Bharti Airtel to address their large mobile telephony customer base in India. Avaya had recently acquired Nortel and new IVR technologies were to be adopted for Bharti Airtel delivery. Merce was chosen partner for the new technology adaption and roll out of various features needed to deliver the end telecom users.

Problem Statement

With competitive environment and high growth in telco sector in first decade on 2000, Bharti Airtel had a high pressure to deliver value-add services to their subscribers. To keep up at the top of the competition, the new requirements and ideas needed quick turnaround to deliver and reach it to the users. Avaya wanted a partner to Build, Own and Operate applications leveraging their IVR technology for their clients. This would allow their clients to rapidly adopt the new technology without disruption to their operations or adding on additional staff.

Solution Proposed

Merce developed applications on the IVR systems mapping the call flow and inputs. 76 IVR message flows were delivered in a short time of 12 months. Additionally, Merce deployed staff to take over the end to end operation of the IVR technology for Avaya’s clients.

Value Delivered

Merce took charge of the IVR by starting with three techies who worked relentlessly for 16+ hours a day for weeks. Once the technology was understood, and complexity of integration was assessed, Merce started off with training programmes. Merce is known for it’s tough recruitment process. Once employees were on-boarded, they were given training in 2-4 weeks period depending on the role each engineer will play in delivering the solution.

Merce engineers worked on application development using JAVA including legacy integration and documentation. There was minimal business disruption since the delivery on requirement was ongoing. Client did not build in-house team for deploying or managing the deployed solution. Merce grew it’s team from three engineers to managing large on-premise team of more than 35 members with trained engineers at 2 locations active for 4+ years.

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