Long Term IT Engagement

We’ve had a long term engagement with NSDL group of companies for the last 15+ years. Our first engagement was in year 2000, but since 2003 we have had unbroken engagement with them, where we have had one or more contract with them for software development and infrastructure setup. They trust us with all complex applications which need large scale team deployment and innovative solutions using new technologies.


The National Securities Depository Limited, one of the most important financial institutions of India and one of the world’s largest securities depositories.

Engagement Model.

Various teams in various roles for maintenance, extensions, and support of applications and production systems


  • Initial Engagements: Engaged in 1997 as member of a committee, in a consultative role.We implemented our first software application in 1998-99 and got engaged in a fixed-price model. On completion of the assignment we were provided with an opportunity to offer operational and problem solving support on the T&M Model. Our engineers used are present at customer site from 0700 hours till almost 2300 hours.This application was critical for the operation of the Indian capital market trading community and therefore its operational health at an hour-by-hour level received high visibility. This contract terminated in early 2002 when the system was decommissioned and replaced with a much more sophisticated and newer system.
  • Second application: We were engaged to provide on-site maintenance and support for another application which we had just developed. This team has remained active till date, with small changes in team size; the application is in daily use in one division of the organisation.
  • Special tasks: We have on occasion been asked to provide specialised skills and services on the T&M model. One involved some medium-sized projects for command-line application development to handle batch data in files and databases. These programs were designed, developed and maintained by a small T&M team from Merce for a period of about 12 months. Our team used Perl for developing the programs and built a generic toolkit for file processing, data validation and database upload which could be used for various projects with various databases by creating an appropriate configuration file.

On one or two other occasions too, Merce has provided services on contract to the customer through short-term T&M contracts and small 2-3 member teams.

  • System maintenance: We were engaged for a systems maintenance contract, where we provide support to operate and maintain the production servers of one of the applications operated by the customer. This system support contract required one engineer per shift. This team has provided service for about four years and is gradually being disbanded because the application is being decommissioned.
  • Current engagement: We continue to operate two teams for this customer on a T&M model, for system maintenance and application support. Various other short-term T&M contracts continue to be initiated as needed. One of the teams has a Project Manager who manages tasks and resources.

Since this customer is in an extremely security-critical sector, there are various stringent processes to be followed and compliance requirements to be met. Our teams have grown in our process tightness in these areas and have been subject to audit repeatedly as part of our customer’s is audit activities. Our web-based applications have been subjected to penetration testing and web application vulnerability audits. We have assisted the customer’s information security initiatives by developing applications, tools, and monitoring systems to help secure information assets. These experiences have greatly enriched our understanding of information security and process orientation in global-standard BFSI organisations.This customer engagement is as per the T&M team model.

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