Miss Yellow: portal for business and legal advice

Miss Yellow is a Netherlands-based startup which aims to connect consumers directly to experts for advice relating to business, law, IT, marketing or finance. They can make text or video calls and pay per minute.

In Europe access to experts is still a bit difficult and expensive. Users need to make appointments which can be given after a few weeks. Also appointments are billed by the hour and hence can be expensive for small tasks. While cheaper internet-only options are now available their quality and reliability is not always easy to determine.

Miss Yellow tries to combine the ease of Yellow Pages along with the ability to directly talk to or fix an appointment with an expert. The conversation is billed by the minute and hence more cost-effective. Experts are reviewed first by Miss Yellow and their details are available for users to search through and it is easier for users to match an expert for their situation.

Technology Used

Since this is a consumer-facing site it was important to build it in a manner such that the UI/UX could be iterated quickly. The Drupal 7 platform was chosen and we built or extended PHP modules for bookings, payment processing and for customer chat.

One interesting technology that has been used is WebRTC using QuickBlox. WebRTC is a fairly recent functionality which is now available on all modern browsers. WebRTC is peer-to-peer. This makes the platform scalable without the expensive servers traditionally needed to support video and text chats.