Developing Chatbots

Enabling business conversations backed by chatbots using modern AI techniques

A lot is being written about chatbots these days. Behind the hype are some real benefits of using well designed chatbots:

  • Increased availability: Unlike human operators, these software robots are on 24/7
  • Increased productivity: Human operators can answer the difficult or special cases
  • Faster response times: No wait times for customers or for the support agents to lookup their systems
  • Reduced costs: Staffing requirements are reduced
  • Better compliance: A chatbot will answer the same questions in the same way unlike human agents

With our experience we can create chatbots for you which use channels like Skype, Facebook, SMS, Slack, or custom mobile apps and widgets you can place on your website. With connectors to your custom databases or APIs you can easily integrate chat with your existing data.

We currently recommend that you use cloud-based platforms like Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson or Azure Bot Service rather than building your own chat solutions. Building custom chatbots, while possible using open source solutions like Rasa will take significantly longer and are only recommended for special applications where using the cloud-platforms are either not possible or not accurate enough.

All our chatbots will provide you with operational dashboards to relevant insights on your questions about new/repeated/abandoned conversations. You can track basic metrics such as the number of users, new users, number of messages to get insights with recommendations for changing conversation flow or content.

Like athletes, bots perform much better with constant training. We make it easy to go through your chat logs and see if the responses could have been better or to frame new responses. This training on real-life data can dramatically improve the interactions and customer satisfaction with your bots.

Some common use cases for chatbots are:

Customer Service

Handle common customer service requests like providing standard information, forms, product
related information.

Loan Approvals

Find out the eligibility of a user for a loan by asking him or her questions and requesting
documentation or additional information depending on the answers.

Flight Reservations

Allow user to search for flights, make reservations, choose seats, check in or modify existing

Employee On-boarding

There are many processes that an employee needs to follow when s/he joins. A conversational
interface to your HR process makes it easy for a new hire to fill out required forms, order
required hardware or stationary, apply for leave, etc.

The Result You Can Expect

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Customise the solution platform for your exact needs

Huge community support for the base solution

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