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Kvadrato: A Collaboration App

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Konkan Railway, Servaya: Enterprise Collaboration

Konkan Railway Corporation connects the Konkan coast of India, with 75+ railway stations, millions of passengers a day. Our enterprise collaboration suite built on our product, Servaya, connects 3000+ employees of Konkan Railway, keeping the Konkan coast connected without missing...

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Keurix: Inspection App

Based in The Netherlands, Keurix B.V. has built a PaaS for mobile inspection and maintenance of building constructions. Merce has been involved with this product right from the start. A team of five worked as an offshore development center of...

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Sweet: Rewards App

Sweet, a Reward App An app developed for Obi Mobiles, a Silicon Valley smartphone manufacturer founded in 2014 by former Apple and PepsiCo CEO John Sculley. The app was developed primarily for promoting Obi mobile phones during its launch at Gitex, Dubai. Using the app Gitex visitors could...

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