When all else fails, we either fix the problem or the blame. That just makes it simpler.

Team structure

Ours is not a pyramid structure. We have a right team mix to balance the cost and ensure smooth and timely delivery. The focus is the right solution for the business need.

Our culture

Merce is built on transparency. Our walls are glass. (Our screens are gorilla glass.) Our cabin doors are open. Our hierarchy isn’t. Anyone speaks to anyone. There is no designation-based flow of thoughts. Whoever is closest to the door beeps in and beeps out visitors. We give right opportunities to enhance skills and interest. We answer the questions and then question the answers. Our CEO sits in the centre of the office, not a corner. We love what we do and are just as enthusiastic on a Monday morning as we are on a Friday evening.

How we build teams

We build our teams with stringent hiring processes. We hire freshers who show intent. We believe content follows intent. We are wary of those trying to join for salary hikes. We’re wary of those who aren’t on time. We don’t hire for resumes. We hire after tests and interviews. If you don’t have a background of tech but are willing to have a future in it, we are willing to hire you. We believe good training and induction shall help you bridge that gap. Our Tech team is always pushed to become full-stack dev engineer for 360 degree delivery and understanding the issues better. All said, intent builds our team. With a little help from intuition.

We are like this only

The banner images in the pages of this site show photos of our actual office and team. Brand consultants have recommended good stock photos showing smart people in sharp suits. We just felt comfortable being real. Hope you like us too.

Contact Us
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Address (INDIA)

Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd
301 Technocity
X-5/3 TTC Industrial Area
MIDC Mahape, Navi Mumbai 400710

:+91 22 27781895/96

Address (USA)

Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd
1819 S Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210

:+1 720-643-2019