We have a unique outlook to projects. We abandon a project only if it is not good for the client.

Fixed-spec projects

We excel at fixed-spec projects. All our process maturity and quality measures shine with such projects.

Sometimes, you know exactly what you want to build, and it’s a clear and finite requirement. We can pick up your spec, create a team of full-time developers and testers just for the duration of the project, add the herbs and spices of architects, designers, and Project Manager on top, and get them to deliver on a finite timeline. This approach is great for getting a first version of your software system off the ground.

In this approach, we do a top-down design and spec phase, and create the detailed spec and WBS of the entire system, or an entire module, before coding starts. We quote a fixed-price, fixed-time fee for the project, and we deliver in sprints, so that you can see what we’ve been up to, every 2-3 weeks.

Design and architecture services

If you have your own ideas about how to get your system coded and tested, we can do just the design, specifications, and architecture for your system.

We understand requirements of scalability, extensibility, and simplest-but-no-simpler principles. Our architectures are built largely out of open source components, both for on-premise or cloud-based deployment. User interfaces are usually Angular (browser-based) or Ionic (hybrid mobile apps). Our design spec will tell your dev team about each web service call, each screen on the UI, and each component. Finally, when the specs are done, we will work with your dev team on an ongoing basis as they decipher our design and proceed with coding.

UX and UI design services

We can convert your requirements into an awesome, attractive, attention-grabbing, stylish user experience, and give you PNG images of each screen and menu for your developers to translate into code.

UX design is not just a graphic artist’s job. It needs phenomenal creativity and insight into human machine interaction, but it also requires insight into how things work in software. Beautiful UI is UI which delivers an unforgettable and addictive experience, while remaining within the realms of the possible. That’s where we are at.

Outsourced dev teams

Your business, our team. Your spec, our code. We set up a dev team on contract for you, managing recruitment, training, processes, tools and quality. This team picks up the project you assign, and starts coding and testing. Our Project Managers run sprints in the team, and our Redmine roadmap tells you where your project is at. You forget about worries of hiring, selecting and retention, and the corporate overheads of running a new team.

We have been doing this for most of our enterprise clients. We submit timesheets (again, from Redmine) and bill once every calendar month. You get to see the work output of each team member (as Redmine updates) and have a say in the selection of each member. The team may have a mix of full-time and part-time members.