Non-techie companies are satisfied purely to get their software to work. We, on the other hand, are only satisfied if we get some new insight. Question is, how we do what we do? We do it, not during lunch breaks. Not on Sundays. Not just 9-to-5. Not just for a salary. We do it over a good cup of coffee. And a better conversation, punctuated with updates reviews. Every task involves a lot of doing, redoing, undoing. It needs understanding, analysing and thinking problems through. We blend technology with empathy. We’re not fans of the “go forth and reboot” mindset. So, we do things with energy coupled with patience, urgency with focus and insight.

We rotate engineers through different projects, we take them out of their comfort zones. We put seniors and juniors together, break silos, dissolve hierarchies. We do it by diverting resources from elsewhere if needed and with extra effort and some personal attention. And of course, we do it with technology. Java (servlets, Struts 2, SpringBoot), Perl, PHP, Javascript (Angular, Node), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Tomcat, MS VS Code IDE, Git. Non-SQL databases, networking (UDP/TCP), network daemons, messaging and email MTAs, full-text searchable databases, encryption and digital signature frameworks, payment gateway integration. How else did you think we do it?

These are the values we live and work by.
Small is big

We are much more “techie” than typical large giant software development companies. We are quick, nimble and agile in our results.

Technology at the core

We spend a lot of time understanding and analysing your stated and unstated requirements. We provide solutions that would work best for you.

We're a full stack team

We take full responsibility and commitment towards fulfilling all your tech needs. Be it outsourcing a team to developing an innovative product or solution.

Never let go

We never let go of a project even in the rare case when a problems or delays may arise. We work tirelessly to ensure delivery.

Team building

We recruit very carefully, train our people in depth and can thus deploy much better teams on your projects.

A promise of delivery

A hands on approach for ensuring delivery on time, every time. A team that is skilled to manage & nurture all projects and ensure to meet the deadlines and commitments.

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Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd
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:+91 22 27781895/96

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Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd
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