We are not your typical tech office which looks like the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory. Tech is what we do, not who we are. We are real people who dream of traffic-free days and daydream about biryani or beer.

Strategy and apex team


Shuvam started it all. He has a BTech and an MTech from IIT Bombay. He’s the founder Chairman. You’ll see him on Mondays and Fridays. Usually around lunch. The rest of his time, he consults for other companies for their IT strategies and project execution processes.

Shuvam Misra

Founder Chairman

Kiran is probably a Zen monk. His discussions with us carry bits of satori. He helps us gain insight, and steers us back to our plan or strategy when transactions distract. He once ran a business unit for a Fortune 10 company for India and Korea. His corporate and entrepreneurial experience make him a powerhouse of wisdom and Zen detachment.

Kiran Ajwani

Leadership coach and strategy

Execution leadership

These key people, together with their teams, provide day-to-day management and leadership which makes for successful projects and delighted clients.


Yatin handles the entire operations and delivery of all our established enterprise accounts. Project managers report to him. He is seen spending more time on the phone or in one of our meeting rooms than working alone. His two decades of entrepreneurial experience puts him in a different league in team management and account ownership.

Yatin Deshmukh

VP Operations

Sachin has been with us for almost a decade. His role today involves doing everything needed to maintain Merce’s technology leadership position. He explores new technologies and tools, and guides projects in design, specifications and architecture.

Sachin Divekar

Software Architect

David has 8+ years of sales, marketing, business development & leadership experience in the digital marketing/web development industry. A resident of Denver, CO, his main interests include snowboarding, mountain biking, basketball, and just chilling with the family.

David Bell

Business Development

The wizards

The deep and passionate uber-geeks who supply firepower to our tech leadership, extend our reach, help us think differently, and help us beat new challenges in the heat of battle.


Technology advisory and leadership role. Directs, criticises, course-corrects. Based in Amsterdam.

Rohit Nayak

Technology Consultant

Our wizard in infrastructure, software architecture, and lately, CI/CD stacks. Based in Bombay.

Kishan Parekh

CI/CD wizard

Member of Internet standards bodies. Consults on security audit and compliance. IPv6 wizard. Based in Singapore.

Sanjeev Gupta

Audit & Processes

All-round technology wizard. Keen about software dev methodologies, HFT in capital markets, etc. New Delhi.

Chirag Anand

Analytics super-geek

Branding consultant and passionate student. Published author. UX thought leader. Based in Bombay.

Omkar Sane

Branding and UX