In a nutshell

Keurix BV is the most exciting startup in civil infrastructure inspection in the Netherlands. This is the same country which lies lower than sea level and wouldn’t like to be submerged, so they know a thing or two about civil construction inspection. Keurix has been working in this area for sometime, bringing iPads to the construction site for fast and flawless inspection.

Challenges, not problems

Keurix wanted to give each inspector an iPad with blueprints and checklists, so that he could walk around, inspect each pipe, tap, fitting, and electrical duct and make precise notes.

The blueprints were massive, stretching the ability of the iPad to display and zoom them. Users needed to work at construction sites where there was no Internet connection, and yet wanted all data and features to work without hiccups. And above all, any shaky software or flaky hardware meant that the inspector would lose valuable time, and the company, valuable money.

Solutions, not ideas

We built an app and a website to back it. This app ran on iPads but was developed in Ionic to let them move to Android whenever Android became attractive in the Netherlands.

The app worked without a glitch when away from the Internet. All data would sync when the inspector returned to his home or office and hit the “sync” button on the app. All inspection blueprints, checklists, and problem tickets would sync with the local store on the iPad, and latest reports would be uploaded to the website for further processing. The website let coordinators generate the required reports at the click of a button.

Now that’s value

Keurix is a name to reckon with in the civil construction industry in the Netherlands. They have changed the way construction is monitored and flaws are tracked and closed by the builder’s team. They have also broken new ground in the time-to-report area, from the day the inspector does his rounds to the day the report reaches the construction team’s management.

All thanks to some path-breaking Ionic code and a lot of blueprints on iPads.