In a nutshell

The National Securities Depository Ltd is one of the world’s largest securities depositories, and is also an information service provider to the Finance Ministry, Government of India. The Income Tax Dept needed an online system to let citizens apply for their tax IDs (PAN and TAN). NSDL was given the job.

Challenges, not problems

The requirement was quite straightforward but comprehensive. The vision of the department which would use this system was quite ambitious: if anything could be done in an integrated, tightly coupled system, then it should be computerised. Therefore the entire workflow, both for the customer facing side and the back-office team, needed to be designed and implemented.

Solutions, not ideas

Our team designed the entire system from scratch, based on extensive discussions with the actual end-users who would use it. Detailed data samples were gathered in spreadsheet form, mock screens were drawn and shown to get feedback, and the steps of each process in the workflow verified from multiple parties.

The system is developed in Java with an Oracle database back-end, and uses the most current web interface stack popular at the time.

Now that’s value

NSDL’s division which handles PAN/TAN applications has been using this system for several years, and our team has had an unbroken contract to support and maintain the system. It continues to be one of the mission-critical business units for NSDL, and indirectly to the Income Tax Department, Government of India.

In our long relationship with NSDL on multiple engagements, this has been one more happy and successful milestone.