In a nutshell

The National Stock Exchange of India is one of the world’s busiest stock exchanges, in terms of number of trades per day. “Members” in their parlance are brokers registered to trade on the exchange. These members need various services from the exchange, which are delivered online.

Challenges, not problems

Various information systems had been developed over time to deliver services to exchange members. There were limitations in many of them because they were in isolated silos. There were also upgradation challenges as old systems were not compatible with new technologies and designs.

The new member portal aimed to unify all services for all members under a single portal with back-end connectivity to various systems. It also aimed to bring the technology stack up to date with what’s current in the larger world.

Solutions, not ideas

The team from Merce was tasked with developing one portion of the final system, in a multi-vendor team where other teams from other companies were developing other layers.

Our team contributed in architecture, design, and some areas of technology choice. The system took a technology jump from older HTML-based UI technologies to Angular based front-ends, and used Java, Spring, and Oracle for the server-side code.

We set up an on-site team to work at client premises, interact tightly with the project managers and architects from other teams, and deliver the solution with high efficiency, while efficiently managing the challenges of on-site multi-party team dynamics. Our team was also able to pivot rapidly whenever specs changed, ensuring good delivery.

Now that’s value

The member portal is a key interface in the day-to-day relationship between the broking community and India’s largest stock exchange. Our team was able to deliver our part of the system with precision and efficiency, persuading the client to move more of the overall scope to our team and pushing us to increase our team size.

In our ongoing relationship with the NSE, this has been a successful and satisfying partnership.